Anthony Moore, Chairman

Anthony (Tony) Moore has 45+ years experience in the global financial services industry.

Larson Elmore, CEO

Mr. Elmore is a seasoned professional visionary, with a proven track record for identifying companies

Aubrey Oliver, Medical Advisor

Dr. Aubrey Oliver has been a strong advocate for the advancement of preventive, alternative

Chene Gardner, CFO & Director

Chene Gardner is the President of Chene C. Gardner & Associates, Inc., a company which provides accounting services.

Kenneth Denos, Exec. Vice Pres. & General Counsel

Kenneth Denos is the Chairman of Acadia Law Group, a consumer and corporate finance law firm.



Alton Klein, Director

Mr. Klein has over 20 years’ Construction Management experience, including residential,

Steven Bocek, National Director

Mr. Bocek has over 25 years’ experience in finance and business operations management, in both

Randy Blue, National Director

Mr. Blue has been in the franchise industry for over 30 years, with experience in all key departments:

Cheryl Fried, Vice President, Sales Natural Life Corp.

With over four decades of administrative, human resources, and sales experience, Cheryl Fried is a proven quantity.

Dallas Rogers, Vice President, Marketing Natural Life Corp.

Dallas Rogers is a successful consultant in the Cannabis industry as Managing Director of Holly Bell Consulting.

Jeff Greene, Vice President, Regulatory Affairs Natural Life Corp.

Jeff Greene co-founded Greene’s Reserve, which manufactures Hemp Snuff, with his partner, Dallas Rogers.

Chris Pilato, Vice President, Operations Natural Life Corp.

Chris Pilato joined the Natural Life family in December of 2018 as a Store Manager.

Chris Moon, Director of Corporate Marketing.

Chris Moon is interntionally acclaimed for his discovery of Prince and his brand.



Joe Abrams, Corporate Advisor

Mr. Abrams is a prominent investor/entrepreneur with significant experience in helping

Lorin Cohen, Director of Corporate Communications

Lorin Cohen has worked in the epicenter of the cannabis industry since its legalization in Colorado



Diego Estrada Santos, CMO

Diego Estrada Santos got his bachelor degree in Marketing in Monterrey, México in 2015.

Rodrigo García González, CEO

Rodrigo García González graduated as a lawyer in Monterrey, México in 2012.



Amsterdam Ambassadors

The Amsterdam Ambassadors will host events for the company and attend various company meetings.

Packy Mcfarland, Multimedia Production

Over the past 30 plus years, Packy McFarland has developed the expertise and skills

Marc Sandin, Brand Marketing

Marc Sandin is a 15-year marketing veteran with a strong intuition for branding and design. He has been a

John Rivers, Director, Entertainment

John “JR” Rivers brings a long history of involvement in various profitable business



Andrew Mandell, Corporate Development

Andrew has had an extensive career as an entrepreneur in the financial services